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Item #: SCP-069-UA

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-069-UA must be contained in a secure chamber at least 10 x 10 meters wide and 2 meters tall, with soundproof walls. Placing any objects inside SCP-069-UA, exposing it to any powerful sounds or musical melodies, or restricting its motion range is only allowed during authorized testing. Experiments that involve placing SCP-069-UA in closed spaces less than 2 x 2 x 2 meters in size are prohibited.

Description: SCP-069-UA is a charcoal smoothing-iron, made of cast iron and weighing 5.1 kg. The left side of the iron bears the inscription "Дата выпуска 1933"1 as well as the State Emblem of the Soviet Union. The iron itself was likely made at the specified time; the anomalous properties were apparently acquired at a later date.

Every day at 5:00 PM an event designated AEX-069 occurs. At the start of the event SCP-069-UA rises above the ground to a height of 50 to 250 centimeters. Within the next four (4) minutes, the object flies around the area along a unique trajectory. In case the event AEX-069 occurs when the SCP-069-UA is located indoors, it will remain inside the premises. case adjacent rooms area available, it can travel over up to 25 rooms.

It should be noted that the object counteracts to attempts to disrupt its motion during AEX-069. Experiments have shown that if at the beginning of AEX-069 the object was fastened to something (for example, with a chain), then, at the onset of the event, SCP-069-UA makes sharp moves that break the fixtures (in case of a chain, tear a link apart). Fixtures of any strength tested so far were successfully broken. Also, during the event SCP-069-UA tries to avoid obstacles. For example, during one experiment, thirty 1x2 meter sheets of glass were placed in SCP-069-UA's containment chamber. During the next AEX-069 event the object never collided with any of the glass sheets.

Also at the start of every AEX-069 event SCP-069-UA emits a melody, referred to as SCP-069-M-UA. Most of the times SCP-069-M-UA is the Hymn of the Soviet Union; this version of SCP-069-M-UA is referred to as SCP-069-M1-UA. Also, if SCP-069-UA contains charcoal (or another flammable material) at the onset of AEX-069, then during the event said material burns down completely, emitting the expected amount of heat. Charcoal and many other substances that can be considered fuel burn down completely, without any ash or residue. In case SCP-069-UA was filled with non-combustive material, results may vary greatly, although they, obviously, do depend on material's properties.

Discovery: Object was discovered in the warehouse of an abandoned factory in Donetsk region of Ukrainie, [EXACT ADDRESS DELETED], which was closed in 1991. According to the further investigations, a certain [PERSONAL DATA REDACTED], formerly a category 5 welder2, later transferred to work as a guard at the warehouse for health reasons, had disappeared shortly before the factory was shut down. The subject was also an active member of a local CPSU3 cell. Some time later MTF "Gossip Writers" found a story about a "possessed" iron on http://███████, a creepypasta site. The story had several photos attached, three (3) of which depicted SCP-069-UA floating, and a video of AEX-069 that was shot using a cellphone. Initial analysis of the photos deemed them most likely genuine. One of the eyewitness also testified that he broke his hand when he tried to grab SCP-069-UA while it was in the air. After that the object was successfully recovered by Foundation agents, and all eyewitnesses were treated with amnestics. A cover story, describing the "flying iron" as fiction, was posted on the site.

Personnel with clearance 2/069 and above are allowed to read Document E2-069 - partial experiment logs:

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