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Good day.

Yesterday, on 08th of May 2012 we concluded an experiment in order to determine the nature of SCP-055. The following is an abridged version of the laboratory report. Full report can be obtained in the archive or acquired from me by those interested.

The experiment was based on the mechanism of circumventing the object's influence Dr. Hughes discovered. As we know, information about what the object is not, can be retained and is not suspectible to the object's influence. This is its primary flaw - for example we can say the object's mass is not greater than X kg and is not less than X kg. Thus we can obtain most of the object's properties, if not all of them.

The second supposition is the object's description itself. The statement that related information '"leaks" out of a human mind' must not be true, or else it would have been affected too. This applies to all other media as well.

We conducted the experiment using equipment listed here:

  • One digital camera;
  • One 512 Mb memory card;
  • One notepad
  • One ballpoint pen;
  • One mechanical camera;
  • Half a liter of developing solution;
  • Half a liter of fixative solution;
  • One roll of film for the mechanical camera.

Details on all the equipment as well as a full dump of the memory card are attached to the full report.

The memory card was formatted to FAT16. Afterwards, marker codes were placed in each free sector. The ballpoint pen and the notepad were weighed to the hundredths of a gram. 100 milliliters of developing and fixative solutions were taken for later analysis.

Two research groups were involved. First group was to enter SCP-055 containment cell, take pictures on both mechanical and digital cameras and take notes in the notepad. The film was to be immediately developed and prepared for printing. Afterwards all equipment was to be stored in a safe.

Second group was not informed about the experiment's relation to SCP-055. They were tasked with chemical analysis of developing and fixative solutions, analyzing data on the memory card and examining the ballpoint pen and the notepad.

Analysis of the memory card has shown that all marker values are still in place and the filesystem does not contain any files. The "photos taken" counter on the digital camera, on the other hand, was incremented by 58. Developed film was found to be undeveloped and unlighted. The amount of ink in the ballpoint pen was almost equal to the amount before the experiment and the notepad only contained some unrelated blots. Finally, the chemical solutions were almost identical to check samples; there was no precipitation in the solution cans.

The experiment with the film and solutions was repeated at an increased pace and recorded. Records show flakes of precipitation dissolving in the solutions and the film taking its initial appearance.

Conclusion: According to our current theory we are dealing with an object moving backwards in time. This property also covers all information directly related to it. The presence of an observer keeps information in place, but in his absence information is "recorded" in reverse. Chemical reactions are reverted, as are physical actions and electrical processes. This is further confirmed by the marker values on the memory card - if we were facing a wipe, the space would have been blank instead of containing the values it did before. Hence, neural connections in human brain are also formed in reverse, which explains the object's property of "disappearing" from memory.

I can also note that if this theory is true, there is no reason to develop and/or change containment procedure. Our initial containment date is the time of its final escape and vice versa. It has already been through everything we can throw at it, and we already cannot influence its future.

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