Черновик Особиста

Давно задумывался о том, чтобы сделать себе личную страничку, где я смогу два месяца настраивать вакабу экспериментировать с разметкой и проверять, не накосячил ли где я с кодом.

To-do листов и прочих планов на будущее не будет. Все хранится в отдельном блокноте, в т.ч. досье на сотрудников.

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SCP-1054 before extration.

Item #: SCP-1054-RU

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1054 is to be kept in center of reinforced hangar in Sector █, designed in such way that during a containment breach or other unforeseen situation the hangar could be hermetically sealed. The hangar should be equipped with special ventilation system to carry off exhaust gas produced by object. The hangar walls should be padded with lead plates with at least 1 cm thickness.

SCP-1054 should be solid mounted on suitable braced platform to prevent falling of SCP-1054 during activation and kept under twenty-four-hour video surveillance with infrared vision feature. The platform should be placed strictly perpendicular to hangar entry. Also hangar should be equipped with temperature sensors, manometers and radiation sensors. Placing SCP-1054 under sea-level or on attitude above 50 meters is prohibited due to it leads to activation of object with simultaneous mass spawning of all species of SCP-1054-1…4.

Aside experiment purposes the ignition of SCP-1054 shouldn't perform under no circumstances. Presence of personnel non during experiments is restricted regardless of security clearance level. For another thing is restricted to come to front part of working SCP-1054 closer than 10 meters, to fulfill this condition additional barriers is placed nearby.

In case of self-induced activation of object and spawning SCP-1054-1…4, the hangar should be immediately sealed tight and Sector █ personnel should be evacuated. After completing evacuation MTF Epsilon-3 "Bird Spiders" should be engaged to restore the containment procedures. For successful suppression of SCP-1054-1…4 MTF Epsilon-3 should be equipped with thermal sights and radiation protective suits. If an attempt to restore the SCP-1054 containment procedures failed Yat-990 Procedure is to be initiated.

Description: SCP-1054 is a dual-flow turbojet airplane engine PS-90A. Despite a numerous incidents the object in a good working condition, there is only a few of minor defects (for example the chippings on fan blades). All functional systems of engine is fully intact. Even partial disassemble of engine is extremely difficult, locking pins and safety wires are similar to [REDACTED] by their properties. SCP-1054 is able to spontaneously activating and working without any external influences and/or reasons. The scanning of internal part of compressor, combustion chamber and turbine had no effect, for now it is unknown what's going on inside of SCP-1054 during work. SCP-1054 function doesn't need fuel, oil and other combustibles and lubricant materials.

The anomalous effect of SCP-1054 manifests immediate with object's activation and directly depends of engine's work-mode. Effect concludes in that's as soon as SCP-1054 reaches one of described below work-modes, the creatures, marked as SCP-1054-1…4, start to appear from intake system of the engine. Every subspecies of this creatures in appearance resembling the common hooded crows (Corvus cornix) but differs from one to one with some external distinctions, abilities and behavior, and also level of aggressiveness to human and other living creatures.

  • SCP-1054-1 – This creatures keeping hold nearby the engine that spawned them and protect it from harm like a nest of some kind. Usually attacking an enemy with whole flock, but only if he is only one. In case of there is few of enemies SCP-1054-1 are trying to scatter them by random shunts in air and emitting a penetrative, unusual for crows screeches, that negatively possessing on excitatory system and sensory organs. The birds' feathers have opalescent undertone. SCP-1054-1 appearing when SCP-1054 reaches a idle work-mode.
  • SCP-1054-2 – This creatures shows active tendency to escape from containment and, supposedly, are the flock scouts. The preventing of this escaping attempts is quite difficult due to SCP-1054-2 partial invisibility, although they could be easily spotted in infrared specter. SCP-1054-2 prefer to stick high in air, in the hangar they tend to keep under the ceiling that makes them a difficult target. SCP-1054-2 prefer to attack enemies by swoop on them from up and trying to peck out enemies' eyes or penetrate their necks. All birds of this species emitting a huge amount of heat. The reasons of this effect are unknown, internal anatomy of SCP-1054-2 is identical to common hooded crows. The coat has dark-copper color. SCP-1054-2 appearing during the cruise work-mode of SCP-1054.
  • SCP-1054-3 – Seemingly SCP-1054-3 carries out a flock's reproductive function and increasing their numbers. After spawning they're quickly scatter around trying to find the most isolated places to lay An eggs. From this eggs hatching the other species of birds spawning from SCP-1054. The developing of this creatures proceeding in very fast way, so they should be eliminated instantly. The coat color is blue-black what allows SCP-1054-3 easily hide among common crows flocks and get lost from possible pursuers. Due to unidentified reason there is always a high level of radiation around SCP-1054-3. SCP-1054-2 appearing during the maximum work-mode of SCP-1054.
  • SCP-1054-4 – This is most dangerous bird species among all SCP-1054 spawns. SCP-1054-4 has dark grey with red streaks feather and skin color. According to behavior SCP-1054-4 - are hunters or warriors of the flock. They intentionally searching for humans and trying to inflict them severe injuries with their peaks and claws, ripping out from them pieces of flesh, which take away into the engine after. SCP-1054-4 differs with extra endurance, in particular, continually withstand direct hit from handgun and, despite to severe wounds, keeping attack personnel, involved in restoration of containment procedures. SCP-1054-4 appearing only during the emergency work mode of SCP-1054, which happens sparingly thanks to well-timed interference of MTF Epsilon 3 operatives, who prevents reaching this mode by engine. The engine itself, despite to experiencing second to none loads, doesn't get any damage.

Notable that spinning fan blades doesn't inflict any harm to SCP-1054-1…4, they unobstructed flies into the engine and leaves it through the intake system.

Before the object reaches the idle working mode it could be muffle and deactivated with [DATA EXPUNGED]. After that the engine should be cleaned from [REDACTED] as so, as it allows its design features. Attempts to muffle SCP-1054 by the other ways leads only to increasing of object's activity and bird's aggressiveness and restricted.

Addendum 1054-1: SCP-1054 caught the SCP Foundation attention after crash of Tu-204-100 airplane, the side number RA-█████, happened ██.██.████ nearby of ██████████, Russia. SCP-1054 wasn't damaged although the plane and second engine were almost destroyed. The object was retrieved by Foundation agents from ██████████ airplane repair facility after activation, resulted to numerous civilian causalities among the facility employers and derived into Sector █. Aside that were withdrawn all flight data recorders and other investigation materials. To general public were presented the terroristic act version, the facility was demolished, all witnesses and victims were treated by amnestics and released.

Addendum 1054-2: There was undertaken several attempts to install an auto defense systems in SCP-1054 containment chamber but all of them were unsuccessful. Due to SCP-1054-2 heat emitting infra-red target system turned out to be useless, and targets abundance prevented to movement sensors work properly. Additionally, birds quite exact estimated machine gun turrets as a threat and intentionally tried to damage and disrupt it. On the ground of that was stated a proposition, that SCP-1054-1…4 has a collective mind. For this moment there is no the research results, that could confirm or belie this hypothesis.

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Item #: SCP-1096-RU

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As physical containment of SCP-1096 is not possible, all security messages directed to minimize harm inflicted by object manifestations. MTF Delta-7 «Justicars» must to watch for all cases of SCP-1096 affecting on people and record them. Beside that, all personnel assigned to SCP-1096 should watch and investigate all cases of people suspicious disappearings and kidnappings, during that additional attention should be applied to VIP. Due to manifestations of SCP-1096 occured and recorded around whole world, for appropirated timed arrival to places of SCP-1096 activity and for future investigations a few MTF Delta-7 members garrisoned in line of major cities on every continent.

Description: Despite of all information about SCP-1096 was gathered from descriptions given by its victims, the Foundation managed to determine motives that drives the entity and its estimated "hunting" mechanism and also a line of other its traits. To restore the memories of experienced SCP-1096 subjects [DATA EXPUNGED] was used.

SCP-1096 is a entity that doesn't have constant physical form and able to change its looks at own discretion. SCP-1096 is sentient and, seems to set as goal "reclamation" of people, which working methods or life style considers unacceptable. The victims of SCP-1096 usually became people, who hold a senior role in their organizations and whose relationships with subordinates wear exceptionally negative patter and often ends with severe conliftcs. When picked a target, the SCP-1096 teleports he or she into undefined place to have a talk, but before that it make sure that no one is close enough to see the abduction. Soon after that the abducted SCP-1096's victim find him/herself chained to embedded chair in dark room, where the only light source is faded light bulb.

Before start talking SCP-1096 changes its appearance to look like specific employee, whose conflict with victim is most serious and sustained. SCP-1096 will drive the discussion actively using swears and offensive phrases, but if original person not using swears in common talks SCP-1096 wouldn't do it either preffering to disguise all swears properly. The continuence of discussion usually ranges from ██ minutes to ██ hours. Usually the entity particularizing all guilts made by victim in attitude towards subordinates then offers a ways to resolve all congested conflicts, with non-discretionary public apoligies, вручения of presents and sometimes sexual treatment. During talk with subject, SCP-1096 exactly replicates not only appearence but also the manner of speaking and behavior of subordinate, which looks it applies. SCP-1096 always gives its victim chance to excuse oneself but seeminly do this only for victim's humiliation and its own enjoyment.

After ending of discussion, SCP-1096 returns victim into same place where it took him/her, after this the suffered person experiencing severe enervation. Besides that the victim remembers only the talk with SCP-1096, the moment of teleportation both in and out from room itself became viped from victim's memory. After this possible next variants of abduction consequenses:

  • The victim of SCP-1096 engaged a trial with real employee, whose looks SCP-1096 applied, which often ends with juicy scandal and/or dismissal of someone, in a few conditions physical violence could take place. 80% of SCP-1096's manifestations leads to this result. Additional troubles for employee appears if prolonged abscence of headman noted by his relatives, friends or colleagues and they report to local law enforcement about missing person.
  • The victim realizes mistakes and trying to change self and behavior in better way. People around will note this changes and will react positevely, although consider it as strange. The mood in group gets better and work efficiency increases.
  • The victim realizes mistakes, but prefers leave it all as is, or leaves the group and find other work, where tries to begin "a new life".
  • The victim realizes mistakes, but considers that there is no point to try change yourself and instead of working on self becames more irritable and explosive, and also often drives into depression. In a few ocassions it ends with victim's suicide.

Statisticly confirmed that SCP-1096's manifestations most often take place in major cities with thousands various organizations, enterprises and companies, but also entity pais attention to factories, military garrisons, prisons and even a child day-care centers. For additional information see Addendum 1096-2.

Addendum 1096-1: SCP-1096 became known soon after fire emergency on ███████████ chemical plant, that result in █ human causalities as dead and ██ as wounded. Already on first stages of incident investigation was discovered that A█████ P█████████, headman of one of plant production teams, step into serious squabble with one of his subordinates, blaming him that he "knocked him out, dragged him into some filthy basement and kept him there for next few hours, continiously offencing and beating him". Due to employee, which Mr. P██████████ blamed, had ideal alibi, incidient was considered too unusual. The SCP Foundation initiated an investigation and discovered that although words of Mr. P██████████ contradicts with reality, an anomalous influence took place. After analysis of similar incidents occured in other world cities were developed special containment procedures and formed MTF Delta-7.

Addendum 1096-2: The excerpt from list of known manifestations of SCP-1096:

Date: ██.██.20██.
Location: ███████, Russia
Victim: A████████ K█████, tutor in ██████ State Technical University.
Case descripton: Manifestation of SCP-1096 happened during the winter exam session. In discussion with tutor SCP-1096 used appearance of student O███ S███████, who has considerable number of academic arrears. The SCP-1096 blamed tutor in exessive narrow claim from students by his topic, nagging to their looks, disposition to dirty jokes and offences to students, and also picking up favorites students with considerable concessions for them.
Consequences: A big scandal resulted to expelling O███ S███████ from █STU without rights to vindication. After this incident tutor A████████ K█████ worked in █STU for another four month. Right now he is working as physics teacher in school #12, ██████.

Date: ██.██.20██.
Location: ████████, Australia
Victim: K███ P█████, chief of statistics department.
Case descripton: SCP-1096 took a look of miss L█████, whose relationship with K████ P██████ didn't go well since her recruitment. Mr P██████ accusated in execssive over-niceness to numbers and disposition to drop a whole work on miss L█████.
Consequences: A considerable controversy on workplace, which turned into fight between miss L█████ and Mr P███████. During the brawl Mr. P█████ accidentaly pushed miss L█████ and she failed from stairs, breaking her neck instantly. K███ P█████ was accused in the unlawful negligent killing of a human being and sentenced to █ years of imprisonment.
Note: Despite that victim behaved himself exact as most victims of SCP-1096 before, the entity, you can say, reached its goal, because in prison Mr. P██████ will have a lot of time to thing about his actions. – dr. Zuev.

Date: ██.██.20██.
Location: ██████, Ukraine
Victim: A███ S████, educatee of day-care center #██.
Case description: The abduction occured late night, when boy's parents aleardy sleeped. SCP-1096 talked with A█████ about one hour and bringed him back. Nursery teachers note that A███ S████ had a lots of redirections about behavior, usually rough with his peers and constantly trying to command them.
Consequences: On next day, A███ attacked and beated three kids with cruelty, indistinctive for child of his age. After this incident A███ was directed to medical examination, which discovered non-reversible mental disturbances. Right now A███ S████ educating in closed boarding school for indocile children.
Note: The curious even not that fact that SCP-1096 picked as target a young boy, but that fact that boy attacked three kids at once. It could point on that there is not only one specimen of SCP-1096, or it could apply a look of few persons simultaneously. Aside that, interruprion of SCP-1096, it seems, thinned some psychological barrier in kid, which ended as such infamous story. – Dr. Zuev.

Date: ██.██.20██.
Location: █████, US.
Victim: M█████ F██████, sergeant of █████ police department.
Case description: Sergeant F██████ had several meetings with SCP-1096. Every time SCP-1096 applied looks of suspects from cases that sergeant F██████ was responsible for. It is defined that victim often used violence during interrogations and extorted a confession from suspect with stretgh.
Consequences: Victim keeps working in police. Despite often discussion with SCP-1096 there is no notable changes in victim's behavior. Looks like F██████ simple ignoring al expostulations of SCP-1096.
Note: I could say without exaggeration that case is unique, we will keep our observations in further until sergeant F██████ broke down or became friend with SCP-1096. - dr. Zuev.

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Item #: SCP-1051-RU

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1051 is to be continually kept in transparent sarcophagus in its containment cell, made of steel with 5x5x3 dimensions. The door to containment cell should have at least 20 mm thickness and be equipped with safe sealment system. В стенах камеры содержания не допускается наличие окон, щелей и других отверстий. Снаружи камера содержания должна охраняться 3 (тремя) сотрудниками службы безопасности. После Инцидента 1051-А охранение SCP-1051 должно осуществляться только путем использования автоматических систем защиты, включающих турели с пулеметами, заряженными патронами с повышенным останавливающим действием и системы аварийной стерилизации помещения. Камера содержания также должна иметь основную и резервную системы энергообеспечения, отдельные от систем энергообеспечения остальной Зоны ██. Оборудование для выполнения Процедуры 511-Фита должно постоянно находиться в состоянии полной готовности к использованию, штатный осмотр и профилактическое обслуживание осуществляется не реже 2 (двух) раз в неделю.

Внутри должно быть установлено 4 (четыре) видеокамеры наблюдения, расположенные таким образом, чтобы все помещение целиком находилось в поле зрения наблюдателей; на случай отказа одной или нескольких видеокамер должны быть предусмотрены резервные устройства. Помимо этого, камера содержания должна быть оборудована микрофоном и динамиком для связи с объектом.

Наблюдение за SCP-1051 должны производить только сотрудники класса D. В связи с вредным воздействием объекта, приписанные к SCP-1051 сотрудники с большой долей вероятности будут сопротивляться, поэтому во время работы с SCP-1051 персонал должен быть надежно зафиксирован в своих креслах. Для исключения прерывания зрительного контакта с объектом головы сотрудников закрепляются в таком положении, чтобы находиться точно напротив экранов, диагональ которых должна быть не менее 40 (сорока) дюймов. Дополнительно у задействованных в наблюдении сотрудников хирургически удаляются веки, вместо них устанавливается система искусственного орошения. Кроме того, каждый сотрудник должен быть подключен к системе, отслеживающей жизненные показатели. В случае летального исхода, вызванного воздействием объекта, погибший сотрудник незамедлительно заменяется новым, заранее подготовленным.

В случае одновременной гибели всех четырех наблюдателей, или отказа обеих систем энергообеспечения, или иной внештатной ситуации, влекущей прерывание зрительного контакта с SCP-1051, должна быть инициирована Процедура 511-Фита.

Прямой зрительный контакт с SCP-1051 без защитных средств категорически запрещается.

Description: SCP-1051 – это гуманоид ростом около 145 (ста сорока пяти) сантиметров и весом около 48 (сорока восьми) килограмм с тонкой кожей багрового цвета, покрытой многочисленными шрамами, рубцами и еще не зажившими ранами. Несмотря на обилие ран, SCP-1051 не испытывает никаких страданий и, судя по всему, не ощущает боли от внешних воздействий. Объект также не испытывает нужды в воде и пище. SCP-1051 немного говорит по-английски, но во всех беседах и интервью дает в основном простые односложные ответы.

Аномальный эффект, проявляемый SCP-1051, очень опасен для любого живого существа, находящегося рядом с объектом или смотрящим на него. Как только SCP-1051 попадает в поле зрения человека или животного, он начинает стремительно «высасывать» из него жизненные силы, что проявляется в виде обильных выделений крови и других телесных жидкостей через естественные отверстия и кожу жертвы. Предполагается, что таким образом SCP-1051 «питается», однако раны на теле объекта не заживают. Продолжительность жизни после прямого контакта с SCP-1051 составляет от одного часа до пятнадцати минут, в отдельных случаях [УДАЛЕНО]. Закономерности в скорости вытягивания жизненных сил из жертв на данный момент не выявлено.

Экспериментально было установлено, что эффект SCP-1051 ослабевает, если смотреть на него через устройства видеонаблюдения, приборы ночного видения или бинокли, однако в случае последних снижение эффекта незначительно. До выявления этой особенности смертность задействованных сотрудников достигала весьма высоких значений. Это было учтено в настоящих условиях содержания, что позволило существенно сократить потери от эффекта SCP-1051. Дальнейшие тестирования показали, что продолжительность жизни задействованных сотрудников класса D увеличилась до ██ дней. Слепые или ослепленные люди и животные не страдают от воздействия SCP-1051.

В случае, если зрительный контакт с SCP-1051 не осуществляется, объект начинает быстро терять жизненные силы, одновременно испуская своего рода ментальный сигнал, оказывающий влияние на большинство живых существ. Степень сопротивляемости жертв различается, но большинство подвергшихся воздействию начинает наносить себе резаные и колотые раны подручными предметами, чтобы таким образом поддержать SCP-1051. Впоследствии было установлено, что сопротивляемость обратно пропорциональна уровню интеллекта жертвы, например, животные намного меньше поддаются эффекту сигнала SCP-1051, чем люди. Расстояние, на котором сохраняется действие этого эффекта, составляет приблизительно 500 (пятьсот) метров.

Через некоторое время, обычно от двадцати до пятидесяти минут, жизненные показатели SCP-1051 останавливаются у определенного порога, после чего мощность и радиус действия сигнала начинает постепенно возрастать. Ввиду очевидной опасности этого события, условия содержания должны быть восстановлены до того, как оно произойдет.

SCP-1051 был обнаружен и захвачен Организацией ██.██.19██ в ██████, Бразилия, после ряда сообщений о странных исчезновениях населения нескольких деревень на западе страны. Посланный на разведку агент █████ пропал вскоре после того, как достиг края предполагаемого района обитания SCP-1051. Отправленная вслед за ним МОГ-██ обнаружила его останки, а следом и SCP-1051. Ценой больших усилий группе удалось обездвижить и захватить объект. Для успешной доставки SCP-1051 в зону содержания был отдан приказ о применении [ДАННЫЕ УДАЛЕНЫ]. В дальнейшем объект был передан в ведение Российского филиала особым приказом №███-04-████.

Incident 1051-А: ██.██.19██ в результате смерти наблюдавшего за объектом D-1644 зрительный контакт с SCP-1051 был прерван. Объект немедленно испустил сигнал, оказавший воздействие на сотрудников службы безопасности снаружи камеры содержания. Эти сотрудники под действием сигнала SCP-1051 проникли в его камеру содержания и освободили его. Ценой жизней ██ человек и значительного ущерба Зоне ██ условия содержания удалось восстановить. Условия содержания были пересмотрены, в результате чего число наблюдателей было увеличено до четырех человек, а сама камера содержания SCP-1051 была оснащена автоматическими системами защиты - в том числе, для возможного противодействия подвергшимся воздействию сигнала SCP-1051 сотрудникам.

Addendum 1051-1: Руководитель по безопасности Зоны ██ предложил использовать воздействие SCP-1051 в качестве альтернативы работе отдела внутренней безопасности при допросах захваченных членов враждебных организаций. The proposition is declined.

Addendum 1051-2:
Excrept from interview 1051-F, ██.██.19██:

Dr. ███████: What is your name? Do you have name?
SCP-1051: No.
Dr. ███████: How can we call you?
SCP-1051: No matter.
Dr. ███████: Where are you from, 1051? How did you become so?
SCP-1051: I'm always so.
Dr. ███████: Always? You mean, you always were like this?
SCP-1051: Yes.
Dr. ███████: Why you need direct eye-contact?
SCP-1051: To live.
*Subject is silent, only snorts with an anguish*
Dr. ███████: 1051, where did you get those wounds?
*SCP-1051 remain silent*
Dr. ███████: I ask again, where did you get those wounds?
SCP-1051: From others.
Dr. ███████: Which others?
SCP-1051: The same as me.

The interview given by SCP-1051 affirms proposed earlier theory about possibility of existence of few similiar specimens of subject specie. Для поиска и поимки была сформирована мобильная оперативная группа Дельта 4 «Полнокровные». В настоящее время она производит расследование suspicious cases of local population disappearances in ██████, China.

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